About the SELN

The SELN is a membership-based network of state intellectual and developmental disability agencies committed to making changes in their service systems. Learn about the technical assistance we provide to member states.

Launched in July 2006 as a partnership between of the National Association of State Directors of Developmental Disabilities Services and the Institute for Community Inclusion at the University of Massachusetts Boston, the SELN supports states to improve integrated employment outcomes.


SELN accomplishments reports are a collection of diverse examples illustrating how states achieve both the small steps and large leaps of systems improvements. Our Network activities and individual state work complement each other, providing a rich community of shared learning to members and systems partners.

SELN Project Team Contacts

Adam Sass: asass@nasddds.org
Mary Sowers: msowers@nasddds.org
Jeanine Zlockie: jzlockie@nasddds.org
Rie Kennedy-Lizotte: rklizotte@nasddds.org (project manager)

John Butterworth: john.butterworth@umb.edu
Lara Enein-Donovan: lara.eneindonovan@umb.edu
David Hoff: david.hoff@umb.edu
Sheila Johnson: sheila.johnson@umb.edu
Nancy Nickolaus: nickolausn@gmail.com
Jennifer Sulewski: jennifer.sulewski@umb.edu
Cindy Thomas: cindy.thomas@umb.edu
Jean E. Winsor: jean.winsor@umb.edu
Suzzanne Freeze: suzzanne.freeze@umb.edu (project manager)