Using this Site

In addition to the information below, you can visit the Help Questions and Answers discussion forum. 

Account Settings and Profile

Privacy Settings
The Privacy Settings tab in the My Account area gives you control over who can see your content. There are three settings for each area that can be applied: colleagues only, everybody and nobody. The areas that you can control privacy for are profile comments, profile information and all content. You can also restrict access to limit the ability for other users to send you a private message. Select “My Account” from the dashboard dropdown menu, click on privacy settings, and select your preferences.
How do I add my profile photo?
The user profile photo is the main image that represents you and is associated with all your activity within the community. Click the “change profile photo” under the photo placeholder on your profile page to change it.  
How can I see my activity?
Go to your profile page and scroll to the bottom. Your activities are listed by the most recent date.
How do I send a personal message to another member?
The 'My Messages' block shows your outstanding colleague requests and new messages in the internal inbox. This inbox is only for messages sent within the community and does not email your account email address unless you have message notifications turned on. To view your messages, select “My Inbox” from the dashboard dropdown menu. There you can compose and send personal messages. Alternatively, you can go to the person’s profile and click “send message” in the actions box under their profile picture. All messages are private.
How do I see recent community activity?
There is a recent activity box on the dashboard that list the latest activities that you and community members have participated in on the site. Go directly to the activity by clicking on the link inside the activity box.
Why would I leave a comment on someone's profile page?
To call their attention to something specific on the site, to ask them a question, or just to say hello.
How do I leave a comment for someone?
Go to their profile page and you will find the comment form.

Who can see comments on my profile page?
That depends on your settings. Under “My Account,” select “Privacy” and identify who can view your profile page and comments. Options are colleagues, everyone, or no one.

My Files
How do I upload a file, photo, or video?
Select “My Files” from the dashboard dropdown menu and click “add file” on the right hand side.
Use bookmarks to find your way back to an interesting conversation. At the top of each forum category and each topic, click “Bookmark.” You can find your list of bookmarks under “My Bookmarks” on the dashboard dropdown menu. You can also bookmark resources and events. Note that the bookmarks for these are located at the bottom of the item/event, not at the top of the page.
Members are individual users. HUB membership includes people who are engage with SELN activities happening in their state. This will include state DD agency staff and may include partners from other agencies or the community. The SELN project team and staff from both the ICI and NASDDDS are also members of the Hub.
Connecting with Colleagues
You can give your colleagues access to your profile information and you can easily keep track of your colleagues’ activities without going to their individual profile page. On the “My Colleagues” page, there is a list of their recent activity.
How do I connect with a colleague?
Go to the person’s profile page and select “request connection.” That person will receive a message that a request is pending. See detailed instructions.
Where do I find connections requests?
Select “My Colleagues” from the dashboard dropdown menu. If you have a request, it will be on the top of the left hand column.
How can I see my colleagues' recent activity?
Three ways. On the dashboard, click the “Colleagues Activity” tab on the “Recent Activity” block. You can also see a list of activities on the “My Colleagues” page. If you are interested in a specific person’s activity, go to their profile page and scroll to the bottom.

How do I send a personal message to another member?
Select “My Inbox” from the dashboard dropdown menu. There you can compose and send personal messages. You can also go to the person’s profile and click “send message” in the actions box under their profile picture.

How do I post a new topic?
To create a new discussion, click “start a new topic” on any forum page. Select a category and write your question or comment.
How do I flag a discussion topic for a colleague to pay special attention to it?
Unfortunately, we can't do an “@mention” or flag people. We suggest you send a private message or post a comment about it on your colleague’s profile page. (FYI, the @mention feature is being developed by our platform provider right now!)
How do I add documents and pictures to a discussion?
Each post has a toolbox with font options, colors, etc. If you would like to include a file with your post, select the paperclip icon and follow directions. If you would like to add a graphic, select the picture icon and follow directions. See detailed instructions. If you cannot see the toolbox, try another browser.
What are my options for following along with a discussion?
You can subscribe for instant and/or weekly email alerts to a forum category. You will receive updates on all the topics posted in the category. Or you can subscribe to a specific discussion and you will only receive alerts when someone replies to that discussion. If you do not want to receive any notifications, you can bookmark a discussion so it is easy to revisit.
How do I manage forum subscriptions?
Select “My Subscriptions” from the dashboard dropdown menu to see a list of the categories and topics you subscribe to now. To change the frequency, go into “My Account.” Under the “Subscriptions” tab, determine how often you receive notifications on Hub content. 
Can I invite someone to the Hub?
The Hub is a closed community. However, you are welcome to invite colleagues and partners that work on your SELN project. Provide them with the Hub address ( and tell them to click “Join Community” form. The form has a field asking for their state and a field asking for the name of the person who suggested they join. If we recognize the name, we will accept them without seeking approval. If we do not recognize the name, we will contact the state lead for approval.
How do invite a colleague to an event?
First, s/he must be a connected colleague. From the “Invite Colleague” block on the event info page, click on “Select recipients.” Select the colleagues you want to invite. Click “Add.” Then click “Send event invite.”
Can I add an event?
Yes, but it must be approved by an administrator before it will be displayed.