Community Guidelines

The mission of the Small World Labs demo community is to help communication and collaboration amongst employees, departments, and the company as a whole.  With that in mind, we have drafted community guidelines to serve as a reference point for appropriate use and member behavior.

Do personalize your profile with pictures and information about yourself.
Don’t post content that is inappropriate for the workplace.

SWL is a small company and one of the benefits of our size is that we can have less formal relationships in the office.  That means we like seeing pictures of your kids, pets, rides, vacation spots, etc… because that is part of your personality.  However, please avoid content that people might find offensive. 

Do make your voice heard.
Be respectful.

Our community is about all about communications.  Jump in and participate by adding content such as forum posts, blogs, events, files, videos, or even simply commenting on existing content.  Keep lines of communication open and respectful.  Please remember that sarcasm and jokes sometimes don’t translate well digitally.

Do use the community to collaborate with other departments.
Don’t barge into departmental or workgroup conversations with out being invited.

Whether it is product discussions, client projects, or even planning the next company happy hour, the SWL community is a great place for these activities. Keep in mind that existing groups and forum threads are like meetings in the physical office.  If want to join discussion in a group in which you are not currently a member ask to be invited to participate before you jump in.

Do innovate and collaborate on what processes, features, and integrations should be considered.
Don’t move activity that should occur on our community to outside tools.

In an ideal world, more of our work should be done with in the community, not less.  If you use a tool that doesn’t not exist on the community think of ways to incorporate that into the community whenever possible.  Remember that if you really need some sort of functionality, chances are that our clients might too!

We are still using software like Trac, Salesfiorce, and eSupport for important day-to-day functions.   If someone posts content in the community that should reside in another systems, please make sure that person has posted it in the appropriate places as well.

Do feel free to post non-work related content.
Don’t post non- work content in work-only sections and discussion threads.

Your co-workers are a great resource for information beyond the bounds of the office.  Check out the water cooler forum, classifieds, and reviews section for discussions not necessarily tied to your job.