SELN Shorts: Spring 2019


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Session 1: Connecting the Dots with Lindsay Williams
LifeCourse Trajectory (a tool Lindsay uses with individuals she supports)
Lindsay Williams’ story about helping a homeless teen find his way to employment and security was truly inspiring!

Session 2: Brokering Deals with Don Galligan
One day, CJ told Don he wanted to work. Don helped him identify his interests and skills. CJ chose a job based on a past volunteer experience. Attend the event to learn how Don used his connections to help CJ get that job and establish accommodations to meet CJ's needs. 


Session 3: Networking Possibilities with Tracy Mitchell
When Lisa was in school her family expressed a lot of concerns about the possibility of work. Tracy spent time building trust  and was persistent in sharing her belief that Lisa could be successful.  Providing Lisa with a positive  early work experience through a program called Project Search helped her parents see the possibilities.

Session 4: Reaching Out with Shanon Bene
Shanon shared a story about an individual she worked with, Katie, whose job was in jeopardy after a change in supervisors. It took a year, and dozens of meetings with Katie, family, business owners, other service providers, and even attorneys to reach a positive outcome. Following her video-story, Shanon answered attendees’ questions about job coaching, work hours, waivers, accommodations, and more. Listen to the 30-minute recording to find out where Katie is today.

Session 5: Negotiating Fairness with Ifeoma Muoka
Ifeoma explains that presenting the facts is the best way to negotiate for fairness.

Session 6: Keeping Focus with Jason Sullivan
Jason shares the importance of understanding the nuances of different service definitions and how each were used together to provide the supports Derek needed to thrive at work. His perspective reinforced the importance of some very fundamental responsibilities of case managers. 


Guidance for Conversations

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Guided conversations help people process information, draw their own conclusions, and make their own decisions. The ultimate goal of guided conversations is to identify and design a person’s pathway towards rewarding employment. For more information about the guidance, visit the guidance webpage.