Federal funding available for inclusive post-secondary education

Post-secondary educational experiences improve employment outcomes for all participants, including people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). Many states have post-secondary education programs or comprehensive transition programs that provide access to inclusive educational opportunities, including degree, certificate, or non-degree education, for students with IDD.
The Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 enables students to use federal financial aid to help with tuition. Information on federal student aid eligibility is available on the US Department of Education webpage.
To support post-secondary education in your state, IDD agencies and partners should:
  • Work with your state education department to expand awareness and promote enrollment.
  • Train case managers to work with school transition specialists to identify interested students and plan for participation.
  • Use available funding streams (such as Medicaid waiver funding).
SELN member states interested in expanding post-secondary education should contact the SELN project team.
For more information on post-secondary education, including a list of programs in your state, visit the Think College website.

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