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SELN Systematic Instruction Series with Teri Johnson

During the series, Teri Johnson explained how systematic instruction evolved in response to widely accepted and devastating beliefs and attitudes. With the adoption of systematic instructions, individuals with disabilities can improve job performance and increase their autonomy. Research has supported systematic instructive as an effective teaching tool that uses task analysis preparation, design, and strategies. Teri Johnson described each of these components using video, picture examples, stories, and hands-on exercises.

The final session in this series was held March 21, 2017. We encourage you to watch the recordings and review the handouts from each session.

Session One: Preparing to Teach (2/1/2017)
Session 1 (Feb. 1, 2017) recording

Session 1 presentation slides
Systematic Instruction: The Key to Successful Employment
Task Analysis form example
Task Analysis blank form

Session Two: Teaching Strategies (3/1/2017)
Session 2 (March 1, 2017) recording

Session 2 presentation slides

Session Three: Follow-Up (3/1/2017)
Session 3 (March 21, 2017) recording 

Session 3 presentation slides
Data collection incomplete form (exercise)
Data collection complete form (exercise)

Acknowledgement of Participation

The SELN does not provide a certificate or continuing education credits for those who participate in the three sessions either during the live event and/or the session recordings. However, you may complete a short quiz, which will enable you to download PDF confirming your participation for your personal files. Follow the steps below to receive your confirmation letter. If you have questions, contact Sheila Johnson at

Step 1: Read these instructions
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Step 6: Click submit
Step 7: Read your confirmation letter
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Step 9: Keep it some place safe
Step 10: Practice systematic instruction!


Our Presenter

Teri Johnson
For the past 35 years, Teri’s passion and focus has been the development and support of quality employment opportunities for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

She has extensive experience providing individualized technical assistance which includes: identifying strengths and preferences of individuals to guide job development; designing tasks and environments to accommodate learning styles; utilizing systematic instruction in teaching new and complex tasks; developing self-management strategies to increase and maintain independence; and troubleshooting performance issues including speed, accuracy and employability skills.

In addition, Teri teaches a certification program for Employment Consultants offered through Highline College in Washington State; provides staff training in employment and residential settings in multiple states; and is a trainer with the Project SEARCH Training Institute, Cincinnati, Ohio.