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SELN Spring 2016 Special Series
WIOA: Opportunities and Challenges
Session 1: Impact on State Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Agencies

​Date: May 10, 2016

The event provided an update on implementation, with a focus on enhanced partnerships between state intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) systems and state vocational rehabilitation (VR) agencies, and how these partnerships can increase employment results. As most individuals earning sub-minimum wage are supported by state IDD agencies, we discussed how Section 511, which sets limitations on sub-minimum wage, can be used as part of overall systems change efforts to expand employment opportunities and reduce reliance on facility-based services and sub-minimum wage. A major portion of the event addressed implementation of Section 511 including the new restrictions on use of sub-minimum wage under WIOA. 
Event recording: https://umb-ici.adobeconnect.com/p2du1ibetle

Materials Available for Download
Event presentation
SELN WIOA state-draft plans
List of 14C holders

Section 511
SELN 14C Brief


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